Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Birthday Boys

Kids are easy to please; they don't have any great expectations. They are still learning so much that even the tradition of a birthday party the 4th time around is still somewhat new. Joshua and Dominic were so excited about the school bus cake.

After cake and ice cream Ben and I did a puppet show for all the kids. All five of them were mezmorized...just sitting in their seats with wide eyes absorbing everyting. We told them stories we made up on the fly about turtles, and snakes, and lighting bugs, and wild things.

The funnest part for me was when the adults were out of creativity the kids got up and tried to imitate us. They actually did a pretty good job remembering the themes and even some of the big words we had used. Dominic told the story of the Maurice Sendak's "Wild Things" which was new to him and he even remembered the "wild rumpus" and the "private boat". Maria played with the clever mommy turtle who switched her eggs with golf balls to trick the hungry snake. Kids are so fun to watch.

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