Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our New Niece--Gianna Cathrine Brown

My sister Cindy just gave birth to her third child (and first girl), Gianna Catherine on Wednesday afternoon. What an exciting time. She is a major cutie and looks a lot like Cindy, especially when you compare her to old baby pictures.

One interesting thing about Gianna is that she has the exact measurements as her brother Dominic—37 lbs and 39 inches…oh wait….I’ve just been told that that’s Dominc’s current size, but Gianna actually shared his birth weight sizes: 8lbs 1 oz., 21 inches long and a 13 inch brain holder. (as a guy it’s hard to remember all this minute measurements, it’s easier to keep track of tons and miles).
Congratulations to Cindy, Ben, Dominic and Damian on the new addition to the family.

Big Brothers Dominic and Damian Brown with their new baby sister.

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