Sunday, August 06, 2006

Joshua says the FUNNIEST things!

In the last few days Joshua has spoken some very hilarious words. Most of the time he does not intend for them to be funny, but his matter-of-fact additude makes his innocent comments quite amusing.

Earlier this week, while on vacation, Anna and the kids spent a lot of time swimming. Maria was exceptionally adventurous in the water, fearlessly trying new things like swimming with her ring into the deep water and jumping off the platform into grandpa's arms. Joshua is much more careful in the water, he has an innate sense that there the water is dangerous. One day, when maria was crying, Joshua was trying to help solve the situation said, “Mom, just put Maria in the deep water, and then she’ll be gone.”

While playing with the sword, crown and shield that Grandma and Grandpa Ray gave to him, Joshua was fighting the dragons and saving Aunt (Princess) Theresa from the danger. After the battle was finished Princess Theresa asked Sir Joshua, “So do I give you a kiss now?” Joshua responded, “No, I don’t have any boo boos.”

After coming back from swimming in the lake, Joshua’s hair was exceptionally curly. They passed by a lady who commented, “Joshua, where did you get your curls?”
Anna said, “His daddy.” But Joshua, with a puzzled look on his face, corrected Anna and said, “from the water.”

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